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Meet our Attorneys

Attorney John S. May

John S. May

Senior Partner

Attorney Paul S. Zimmerman

Paul S. Zimmerman


Attorney John H. May

John H. May


Christpher S. Underhill

Christopher S. Underhill

Of Counsel

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MMZ is renowned in Lancaster County and throughout central and southeastern Pennsylvania for generations of legal excellence Since 1929. Our common sense approach, individualized commitment to each client, and our honed experience in probate, estate administration and family law makes MMZ one of Lancaster County's most established law firms.

Whether you need guidance in estate administration, support during a will contest, or aggressive advocacy for a divorce settlement, custody case or other family law matter, our firm is here for you, providing competent legal representation and real solutions that bring proven results.

Why Choose Us?

Extensive Experience

While many law firms will tout their varied experience, few law firms have the decades of combined experience that our attorneys possess. This means efficient resolution to your legal issues.

We Live & Work Where You Do

Our legacy in the Lancaster County community is an asset that few other firms can match. Plus, our familiarity with local institutions and court processes means we know what it takes to represent you.

Streamlined Service

Pay for expertise, not extra support staff. Unlike big city law firms that employ hundreds of associates and administrative personnel, we've streamlined our processes to boost value and reduce billable hours.

We Focus on You

Our common sense approach will put you at ease as we actively listen to the story behind your case. We'll keep you informed and do our best to answer any questions you might have until you have a better understanding of the process.

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what our clients have said

I worked with Paul Zimmerman and was very pleased with the work that he did. I have worked with a number of lawyers over the years and I found that he was professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and even supporting and thoughtful. I appreciated his attention to detail, even years later when I had a question about the case. I would highly recommend Paul and this firm to anyone who needs legal representation for a custody/family court case.

Nancy DeZarn

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