Adoption is one of the best things we get to do as attorneys. Whether you're adopting an infant or a stepparent who has have formed a bond with your spouse's children and wish to make your relationship "official", adoption requires strict compliance with the process set out in the statutes. When it comes to adoption, the court has just one goal: to protect the child by ensuring that the newly formalized relationship cannot be successfully challenged on appeal.

As positive as the prospect of adoption is, the process can be complex, and having the assistance of an experienced attorney to ensure that success can be crucial. The attorneys at May, May & Zimmerman have that experience.

Partner and attorney Paul Zimmerman has guided dozens of families through infant and stepparent adoptions. He’s also an adoptive parent himself. He understands what's at stake for adoptees and those that love them. That understanding drives his passion for helping familes with adoption.

Most adoptions are uncontested. However, all adoptions involve the termination of the rights of the biological parent, either by consent or by involuntary termination of parental rights. Our attorneys have had 100% success at preparing and trying cases involving both consent and involuntary termination of parental rights.

If you are a parent and you have been served with an Petition for Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights, obtaining appropriate counsel can be equally crucial. The attorneys at May, May & Zimmerman have significant experience working with these petitions, know the law, and how to handle these cases.

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