National Safety Month: Ways a Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help After an Injury

No one wants to be involved in a slip and fall accident, yet in 2018, 27% of non-fatal work injuries resulting in days away from work were related to slips, trips, and falls. But, they can also happen at a store, restaurant, or even just walking down the street. Since June is National Safety Month, we wanted to share how to protect yourself from a personal injury and when to call a slip and fall lawyer.

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Do I Really Need an Estate Plan?

The simple answer? Yes. An estate plan technically is not required of any individual, but it’s something that our estate planning law firm highly recommends everyone invest in.

Why? No matter what age you are, you’re likely going to have assets that will need to be taken care of whenever you pass away—including digital assets you may not have even considered. If you don’t have an estate plan, this can cause complications for any of your remaining family members, and worse yet—your end-of-life wishes may not be appropriately satisfied.

Today, we’re going to talk about why you really should consider an estate plan, the benefits, the costs, as well as many previous articles on our blog where you can learn more.

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Probate & Estates FAQ: Can I Challenge My Loved One’s Will?

The short answer to our title question today is yes, you absolutely can challenge a questionable will—with the help of an experienced probate and estates lawyer who fully understands how to contest a will, that is.

But should you challenge your loved one’s will? That is the bigger question. And today’s blog post focuses on when you might consider initiating a will contest—and how to go about it the right way.

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How to File Estate-Related Taxes in Pennsylvania

It’s hard to believe that tax time is upon us once again. Just like the blooming daffodils and our Lancaster Country farmers preparing their fields for planting, tax time is a springtime ritual—even if no one celebrates it!

With that in mind, you probably landed on this article because you have nagging questions about working through various types of estate-related taxes. You’ve come to the right place, as we often cover taxing matters related to estate administration here on the blog.

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Guardianship Versus Power of Attorney Designations: What’s the Difference?

A little while ago, we published a post here on the blog as part of our Complete Guide to Estate Planning series covering all of the most vital estate planning documentation you need to consider.

High on that list of essential documents is a power of attorney (POA) designation—or perhaps more than one—allowing you to designate a specific trusted individual or individuals, like family members or other loved ones, to be in charge of your affairs or help you make financial decisions, healthcare decisions, and more.

Today’s post focuses a little bit more closely on why experienced probate and estate lawyers strongly recommend setting up POA designations as part of your estate plan to be fully prepared for all eventualities as you age. In the question of guardianship vs. POA, you want to avoid your family needing to seek guardianship.

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6 of Your Biggest Questions About Drunk Driving Accidents

Because we spend so much time in our vehicles—commuting, driving kids to school and activities, traveling to visit friends and family members—one of the most common ways people are seriously injured today is in car accidents. While crashes less frequently involve drunk driving now than they did many years ago—thanks to tougher penalties for DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances) and overall better education about why it’s a bad idea to drink and drive—drunk driving accidents are still unfortunately common.

Today’s blog post answers some of the major questions that people have about drunk driving accidents, including how to protect themselves from becoming a victim in one of these tragic personal injury or wrongful death incidents. However, if you’ve already been involved in a drunk driving accident, we have essential advice for you, too. Read on for more.

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