Grandparent Custody Rights

The first issue in any custody lawsuit involving a grandparent is whether or not the grandparent has standing to begin and proceed with the lawsuit. If the grandparent does not have standing, the case can be dismissed.

For a grandparent, it is critically important to develop and present the facts in a way that support the conclusion that the grandparent has standing. The attorneys at May, May & Zimmerman have experience representing grandparents and critically analyzing standing issues to properly advise our clients and present the facts.

For parents who wish to raise their children without the burden of a court order requiring them to place their children in the custody of a grandparent from time to time, it is equally critical to raise the issue of standing at the earliest opportunity. Our successes in this area include causing a case to be dismissed years after custody orders where entered after a change in the law.

The issue of grandparents' rights is an evolving area of the law. Pennsylvania has made it clear that maintaining relationships between grandparents and grandchildren is valuable for children, although consideration must be given to the impact on the parent-child relationship. At the law firm of May, May & Zimmerman, we are experienced in this area of the law and proud to stand up for the rights of grandparents in Lancaster County.

If you are a grandparent who wishes to seek child custody or wants to maintain your rights to see your grandchild, we're here to help.

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