Due to COVID-19, most court functions in the state have been suspended. In addition, our office is working remotely. For assistance, please email esr@mmzlaw.com with your contact information and the legal matter you need help with and someone will be in touch. If you are seeking help regarding a Will, Financial, or Health Care Power of Attorney, every effort will be made to respond as quickly as possible.

Talk with a Probate Lawyer or Estate Lawyer at Our Lancaster Law Firm

Whether you're drafting your will, handling the estate of a loved one, or in dispute with a family member over your fair share of an inheritance, the legal issues surrounding estate law in Pennsylvania law can be complex and overwhelming.

It pays to have an experienced probate lawyer and estate lawyer near you to answer your questions and guide you through the process of probate in PA. An estate attorney who can handle tough challenges and smooth out the bumps in the road along the way. An estate planning lawyer who listens first and takes the right actions to support you and your case to avoid probate court.

At May, May & Zimmerman, our experienced estate lawyers have been handling estate planning, estate administration and will contest cases for Lancaster County, PA families for over three generations.

Put the expertise of our Pennsylvania estate law firm to work for you in all areas of probate and estate administration.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

The estate lawyers at our law offices in Lancaster can help you draft a comprehensive estate plan.

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Probate & Estate Administration

Probate & Estate Administration

Handling a loved one's estate can be overwhelming. Get the help you need to navigate the Pennsylvania probate process and settle your loved one's estate with precision and efficiency. A trusted probate lawyer can make all the difference during your difficult transition.

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Will Contests

Contesting a Will

Feel slighted or unfairly cut out of a will? Are you in the middle of a legal issue or dispute that is threatening your fair share of your inheritance? Our experienced wills and estates lawyers are here to investigate your claims and fully represent your interests in court.

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Out of Area Estates

Out of Area Estates

Are you an executor of an estate for a loved one who lived in Pennsylvania? Work with a local law firm that understands the Pennsylvania estate law and probate process inside and out. Our Lancaster estate attorneys can work with you no matter where you live in the U.S.

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Probate Rescue

Probate Rescue

Are you an estate attorney working with a client on a complex estate case? Or an executor that is not getting results from your current probate lawyer? Get the legal expertise you need to unravel the red tape and get things moving again.

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Living Trust

Are you curious if a revocable living trust or other types of living trusts that would make sense for your family? Get the right kind of estate planning from an experienced living trust lawyer and take advantage of the available trust options to protect your assets and personal property.

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