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Estate Attorney in Lancaster

Are you an attorney working on a particularly complex estate case who needs assistance?
Are you an executor who is having trouble getting results with your current attorney?
Have you tried to handle your estate on your own and just aren't getting anywhere?

Put our decades of estate administration and probate experience to work for you, no matter what stage of the process you're in! Many problems can arise during the probate process that can delay the ultimate distribution of a decedent's estate and unnecessarily consume valuable estate assets. Faulty or negligent probate administration by an Executor or Administrator can lead to Orphans' Court Litigation.

May, May & Zimmerman, LLP specializes in complex estate administration cases across Pennsylvania and can even work with out of town executors who have interests in counties throughout PA.

Plus, we're here to help you with the most complicated aspects of the probate process including:

Timely Filing of Documentation

A great deal of probate administration involves the timely and appropriate filing of the right documentation.

Probating Intestate Estates

An "intestate estate" is one that is not governed by a valid will. The state has a set of guiding principles for how to probate an estate that does not have a will. We can represent you throughout this process to make sure your interests are protected.

The Right of Election

The husband or wife of someone who dies intestate — without a will — is entitled to the entire estate or any portion of it. We can help you through the inheritance tax implications and potential complications that accompany the right of election.

Other Complications

In cases where the testator has been dead for more than 21 years, the probate court must grant administration of the estate. We can help you through this process.

Probate Litigation

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in a range of will contests, trust disputes, breach of fiduciary duty claims, undue influence claims and other probate litigation matters.

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