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If you are handling an estate and are not sure how to proceed, or you are in dispute with family over your fair share of an inheritance, the probate process and estate administration in Pennsylvania can be complicated and overwhelming.

It pays to have an experienced probate lawyer to answer your questions and guide you through the process of probate in PA. Very complex estates can remain in probate for years. And while the good news is that these situations tend to be few and far between, taking a DIY approach to probating an estate of any size is not often a good idea. You need an estate law attorney who can handle tough challenges and smooth out the bumps in the road.

At May, May & Zimmerman, our experienced probate lawyers have been handling estate administration and will contest cases for Lancaster County, PA families for over three generations.

Put the expertise of our Pennsylvania estate law firm to work for you in all areas of probate and estate administration. No matter where you've gotten to in the probate process, we're ready to jump in and help with timely documentation filing, will contests, and even probate litigation.

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What is Probate?

In short, the primary purpose of probate is to gather up assets of the estate and distribute them to the beneficiaries per the last will and testament—or in the case of no will, the intestate laws of a given jurisdiction, such as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Probate also serves to adjudicate and settle claims against an estate under court supervision, whether there is a will or not.

How Does Probate Work in Pennsylvania?

There are many steps involved in opening probate, determining whether you'll be required to undertake the formal process (versus Pennsylvania's simplified probate process for estates with assets totaling less than $50,000), and then moving through the appropriate version of the process itself.

While Pennsylvania allows individuals to open and work through the entire probate process without legal representation, the sheer amount of paperwork, reporting, and management of resources required can be almost too much to bear for most people—especially if an estate is large or particularly complex. Plus, if you encounter disputes with family members over particular assets, among other common issues, you will want a knowledgeable resource to consult for assistance and support right from the very beginning.

Let Us Help You Navigate Probate

Can Probate Be Avoided?

Depending on how your loved one set up their estate plan, you may discover that none of their assets will be required to go through probate. While this may save time in overall estate administration, you'll need to gather and thoroughly check all documentation to be absolutely sure this is the case. The best way to do this is with the assistance of an experienced probate and estates attorney.

Additionally, paperwork—including your friend or family member's last will—needs to be filed with the court in the county where they lived, and taxes need to be correctly paid. Probate can be scary, which is why you shouldn't go it alone.

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Will Contests

Contesting a Will

Feel slighted or unfairly cut out of a will? Are you in the middle of a legal issue or dispute that is threatening your fair share of your inheritance? Our experienced wills and probate lawyers are here to investigate your claims and fully represent your interests in court.

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Probate & Estate Administration

Probate & Estate Administration

Handling a loved one's estate can be overwhelming. Get the help you need to navigate the Pennsylvania probate process and settle your loved one's estate with precision andA trusted probate lawyer can make all the difference during a difficult time. fficult time.

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Out of Area Estates

Out of Area Estates

Are you an executor of an estate for a loved one who lived in Pennsylvania, but you're located out of the area? Work with a local law firm that understands the Pennsylvania estate law and the probate process inside and out. Our Lancaster probate lawyers can work with you no matter where you live in the U.S.

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Probate Rescue

Probate Rescue

Are you an estate attorney working with a client on a complex estate case? Or an executor that is not getting results from your current probate lawyer? Get the legal expertise you need to unravel the red tape and get things moving again no matter where you are in the probate process.

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Need Help With Estate Planning or Drafting Your Will?

The caring estate planning attorneys at our law offices in Lancaster can help you draft a comprehensive estate plan, including all documentation to help you minimize the tax burden and complications for your loved ones.

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